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About Us

The experience that being a couple is more than to be two people is a great gift for us and we enjoy to hand this over to others in our work. Through diverse trainings – and being on the spiritual path ourselves – there is a treasure of helpful knowledge and skills that we can use in our one-to-one work as well as in seminars and workshops.

Shunya Riesch-Seitler

Clarity and naturalness distinguish me as a medium. My sensitivity and clairvoyance are very pronounced and intensively trained over many years through my work as a medium. I offer sessions in German and English. As a healing practitioner for psychotherapy, I also accompany you therapeutically in your process of growth and development.

Meru Sebastian Seitler

As a healing practitioner in the field of psychotherapy, I support you in an acute crisis as well as in your personal development. For this I offer individual work and group seminars.
I am available to companies and organizations as a consultant for professional conflict management.

Our Work

Humans are wonderful complex energetic beings. By giving healing impulse to the energetic body of a human being it is possible to treat trauma, fear, depression, illness and any kind of disharmony.
Modern therapeutic work uses various resources for helping people to get back to their true nature.



We are all connected to the Divine, to an inner wisdom guiding us. This inner voice is subtle and caring, however, we are not always in touch with it in a clear and ongoing way. When we are under pressure it is easy for us to get out of touch with our inner guidance. We lose our inner strength and feel disoriented and lost. In these situations a reading can be helpful. Being a medium I have the ability to read your inner voice of wisdom and to make it audible for you. Listening to your own truth being expressed will have a deep impact. You will feel reconnected with your own source. The answers that you hear will fully make sense and you will regain clarity and strength. The precious and healing effect of the reading originates in the reconnection with your own immaculate value, with your innate perfection.

Reading Salon


The idea of the Reading Salon originates from Berlin where the cultural, literature and art circles and salons had their height during the 1920ies. Why not  launch a salon with space for spiritual questions? Where you can enquire and ask all your questions directly to the spiritual world together with others? Each Reading Salon is unique since what is happening arises from the questions that are being asked by the members of this random group coming together for one evening. Very often it is especially the questions being asked by other participants that seem to be enriching. Because it might be questions that you have not yet dared to ask yourself. Or else questions which you might not have thought of as of now. It is surprising what kind of bond develops among the group during the Reading Salon. This is because we will experience that we are all divine beings who are searching for the truth of our own divinity during our journey in a human body. This can be felt during the Reading Salon.
If you want to enjoy an interesting evening full of wisdom and love, your are cordially invited.

Energetic Healing


It is not easy to describe Energetic Healing in words. If we assume that everything is energy – like it is also described in  modern quantum physics – it means that humans are energetic beings. Someone who who is able to perceive energy sees a continuous flow of different levels of vibrations. If we look at a human being from this perspective we can see harmony or disharmony on the level of the energetic bodies. For me, this possibility to capture a human being in his physical, psychological and emotional state is very helpful and effective to work with.
Quite often energetic disorders can be scanned before they  manifest  as diseases in the body. Through the energetic healing subtle energetic impulses are sent to the energy bodies of the patient, to remind them of their natural state of harmony. This kind of work is known across all cultures and times and is combined in my work with other methods such as conversation, systemic constellation work and ceremonies. All kinds of disorders can be energetically treated.

Constellation work with Meru


All human beings are born into a weave of experiences and information originating from parents or  family ancestors  and the environment. This heritage/ conditioning can be a burden but also a support for our life. To continue on the path of Self-Realization and to live a happy and content life we need to leave our conditionings behind. In my view this takes place best by inquiry and integration. Therefore constellation work is a great tool in my experience. The group helps the individual to get deep and healing insights into his systems and gives him and his system strong healing impulses. During the seminar,  an opening of the heart, the feeling of being connected and unconditional love can be experienced. In my work I do not limit constellations  only to family systemic questions but open it for all questions in life. From many years of experience I can say that the results are profoundly healing, disentangling, and unlocking strength. With gratitude and great joy I may pass on what I  received  from my teachers.



Even as a boy I liked being in churches. Preferably in catholic churches since I loved the smell of incense they used on religious holidays. When I grew older and became more aware of other people, it became obvious to me that something was missing. I missed liveliness, spontaneity and the real. The rituals were nice but also somehow hollow. This changed when I met teachers on my path who could give rise to ceremonies out of a ritual. After those experiences the feeling of  missing something never showed up inside again. Eventually people came up to me and asked me if I could hold a ceremony for them. Since then I have been holding ceremonies for child baptisms, initiations for teenagers, weddings, funerals, sweat lodges and midsummer. It was always wonderful, exciting, new and enriching for everybody. Angaangagq, a shaman of Greenland, says: “the entire life is a ceremony, celebrate it!”  So I am celebrating with you on demand.


Here you can find the dates of upcoming seminars Current dates you find here.
For individual sessions please contact us. We work in person, via Skype or telephone.
  • Readings are offered by phone, skype and onsite in our office in Bad Wurzach. For appointments call 0049-172-8991847 or mail to shunya@shunya-meru.de  ...

  • Counceling is offered by phone, skype and onsite in our office in Bad Wurzach. For appointments call 0049-170-5876854 or mail to meru@shunya-meru.de...

 It is the great blessing of our time that there is the sun
that shines day and night

It is the sun of Grace, Love and Self-realization


For more than 25 years we support people in returning to their natural and harmonious state of being. And yet we do not consider ourselves as the ones who are doing it.


Please contact us, we are happy to hear from you.

Shunya Riesch-Seitler

Meru Sebastian Seitler

Reischberghalde 10

88410 Bad Wurzach




Schloßstr. 1

88410 Bad Wurzach


Contact Shunya Riesch-Seitler

+49 (0) 1728991847

Contact Meru Sebastian Seitler

Sebastian Seitler
+49 (0) 1705876854

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