Meru Sebastian Seitler
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  • Born in 1963
  • Married with 2 children
  • Studies of forestry and many years of professional experience in national wild game research
  • Qualification and further training in spiritual healing, tantra and hospice care, systemic family constellation work (according to Stüssi, Hellinger, Van Kampenhout and others), communication, conflict management, coaching. 
Further trainings and instructions by Buddhist, Sufi, Christian, Shaman and Advaita teachers. 
Conducting seminars and counseling for over 20 years. Since 2011 also performing spiritual healing in my own practice.



Energetic Healing

Accompanying people and giving them a hand came natural to me, without any personal intention.  People looked me up for advice. The energetic healing work in combination with transpersonal-psychological counseling is the main focus of my work.  I have experienced that we are not our personal history. In my understanding, healing or being complete is always present. Things that are unimaginable for the mind become possible when we dive into this unlimited space of the self. Today it is a great joy for me to support others on their path towards their true nature with my energetic healing work.


Story of a butterfly

One day a butterfly come to the border and the customs officer asked for his passport. The butterfly showed his passport to the officer. The officer was surprised since he could not identify the butterfly with the photo on the passport. Strictly he told the butterfly: “this is not your passport”.
The butterfly replied: “please can I have a look”. The officer showed him the passport. The butterfly started laughing and said: “ I apologize, this is an old photo.” The photo in the passport showed a caterpillar.
When I heard this story told by my master for the first time, I immediately realized that this is my innermost motivation to work with people. For me there is nothing more meaningful to do, than supporting people in the process from caterpillar to butterfly. I do this in deep gratitude for the support I got on my own path.