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Shunya Riesch-Seitler


  • married, mother of a son and a daughter
  • alternative practitioner for psychotherapy
  • medium in German and English language
  • trained television journalist and TV presenter



  • Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy
  • Clairvoyant counseling, Eileen Davies UK, Arthur Findlay College UK
  • EMDR trauma therapy
  • Transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy
  • Constellation work with Sneh Victoria Schnabel
  • Conducting seminars for MBSR – stress management and mindfulness according to Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • Yoga training in Michigan/USA; several years of leading my own yoga school
  • Since 2004 clairvoyant and therapeutic consulting in own practice.
  • Over 25 years of intensive study of Western and Eastern wisdom teachings. Disciple of Mooji.


Every human being has the gift of intuition. It is the ability to know more than mere visible facts. We can perceive another person comprehensively within a few minutes, at least unconsciously everyone can and does when meeting a complete stranger.
We are also empowered to make the right decision and know the solution to a problem, but we usually do not hear this inner voice because we do not really know it. The inner wisdom voice is subtle and clear. The mind, on the other hand, can be loud and confusing. Because most habitually listen only to their mind, they therefore lack inner clarity and guidance in certain situations.
My clairvoyant abilities are strongly developed, a talent so to speak, and they are also intensively trained through many years of work. To serve others with this gift is not only my profession, it is also a great joy to me.
As an alternative practitioner in the field of psychotherapy, I also accompany you in times of crisis and in growth and development processes.